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April 2006

tZERO, Overstock’s Crypto Platform, Loses a Major Investor



Overstock’s security token platform, tZERO, has lost a major investor following the departure of CEO Patrick Byrne last week.

Another Blow for tZERO

During interim CEO Jonathan Johnson’s very first investor call in his new role, he confirmed that Makara Capital “will be not investing in tZERO right now.” However, he did mention that Makara would continue to monitor the development of tZERO and possibly reconsider in the future. The news is another blow for Overstock’s security token platform, as in August 2018, Overstock announced that Makara would invest $404 million USD in tZero along with Chinese investment firm GSR Capital but this was reduced to $100 million in March.

Bizzare Turn of Events

Johnson replaced Byrne as CEO last week after the latter abruptly resigned having admitted to a three-year relationship with Maria Butina, a Russian spy currently serving an 18-month sentence in federal prison. Overstock shares have plummeted over 40% following Byrne’s resignation and release of a bizarre statement mentioning “Deep State,” “Men in Black,” and “political espionage” campaigns against Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Overstock shares haven’t been the only thing affected by this turn of events, as seen by Makara’s withdrawal from tZero.

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“In his twenty years as Overstock’s leader, Patrick’s vision for Overstock as an innovation leader has come to fruition. It will be my mission as I take the helm to continue and build on Overstock’s achievements and success […] I am confident Overstock’s future – both in retail and blockchain – is bright,” Johnson said in a statement.

In March, it was revealed that the Securities and Exchange Commission was investigating tZERO’s potential security token sale. This comes as a result of the commission taking a harder stance on initial coin offerings (ICOs) and disrupted Byrne’s plans to sell the e-commerce wing of Overstock and focus solely on crypto interests.

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Binance Introduces Crypto Lending Service



When cryptocurrencies came along around a decade ago and even when the industry went on its astonishing bull run back in 2017, the sector was still regarded as a novelty of sorts. The rise of an actual ecosystem with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at the center remained a pipe dream for most. However, things have changed over the past few years, and now there is a real possibility of cryptocurrencies finding mainstream acceptance. In a new development, which should count as another landmark stride for the crypto sphere, Binance has announced that it is going to introduce a lending service.

Crypto Lending: Key Details

Binance is one of the biggest crypto exchanges in the world and attracts a tremendous volume of trade every day. Hence, it goes without saying that it is a service that is being backed by one of the most prominent entities in the crypto world. The service in question is known as Binance Lending, and it is going to go live on August 28. According to reports, the customer will get access to the service on a first-come, first-serve basis and will be able to lend three types of cryptocurrencies. One of them is BNB, which has been developed by Binance, the other is Ethereum Classic, and the third is USDT, which is backed by the US Dollar.

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The customers who use this service will also be able to earn interest at an annualized rate, and the minimum tenure is going to be of 14 days. The rates of interest are also different for different tokens. ETC will fetch an interest of 7%, while the interest for BNB and USDT have been set at 15% and 10% respectively. It goes without saying that the service is a revolutionary new offering and one that could end up being a highly useful one. However, it remains to be seen whether Binance will expand crypto lending to other cryptocurrencies.

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IBM is Interested in Working on Facebook’s Libra Crypto



The cryptocurrency space has been on an impressive run this year and one of the biggest developments this year was the announcement of Facebook’s Libra, the social media company’s very own crypto token. It goes without saying that it was a huge announcement and caused a lot of noise in the crypto sphere. As is well known, Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) is heading the Libra project, but the company is going to be helped by many other firms.

Key Development

Today, it has emerged that tech giant IBM (NYSE:IBM) is apparently open to the idea of working with Facebook on this particular project. Libra has caused quite a stir on a global level, but this is perhaps a positive development for the project.

One of IBM’s top executive spoke to CNBC today and stated that the company is open to the idea of working on the Libra project. The company’s general manager in charge of blockchain service, Jason Kelley, stated that IBM is looking for collaborations in the blockchain space.

He said, “Blockchain is a team sport. Our clients are ready to work with (Facebook) and we’re ready to work with all of them to bring it together.” Some of the biggest companies in the world have realized the importance of blockchain and are actively looking for ways to get into space quickly.

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However, it is important to keep in mind that Libra has experienced a massive backlash from policymakers, central banks, and regulators all over the world ever since Facebook made the announcement a few months back. Kelley stated that the entry of credible companies like Facebook brings much-needed legitimacy into the space and hence could, in fact, be a massive positive for the crypto space. The social media giant has reassured the relevant authorities that it is only going to launch Libra once all the regulatory hurdles have been cleared.

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Litecoin (LTC) Slumps Over 60% from This Year’s High



The rally in the cryptocurrency space over the course of the first six months of the year was nothing short of staggering and although Litecoin did not gain as much as many thought it would, it did not drop alarmingly either. That being said, LTC has dropped in value dramatically from its highs this year.

Why the Sudden Fall?

Things have become particularly chaotic over the past few days as LTC kept dropping in price at almost all exchanges worldwide. However, the most important thing to point out in this regard is that there is no clear explanation yet about the sudden nosedive.

The scale of the drop has been quite significant, and hence, it is no wonder that investors in LTC are also not quite sure about the immediate future of the altcoin. The token has peaked this year at $146.43, but since then, it has suffered a massive drop and only last month it had been trading at only $57. That reflects a drop of as much as 61%, and there is still no indication whether the selloff in Litecoin is going to end any time soon.

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Over the past few days, the price has recovered somewhat, and it has remained largely range-bound. However, the bounce-back of sorts is not significant in any way, considering the fact that it has been trading between $70 and $80 for much of the past two weeks.

While no clear explanation has yet been put forward, analysts have professed their own ideas with regards to the drop. One of the most popular theories is that many of the investors have decided to book their profits in LTC and decided to cash out. The sudden departure of so many investors has resulted in the sharp decrease in price in such a short span of time. However, it remains to be seen how Litecoin behaves over the course of the next few days.

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