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Bitcoin Price Experiences Second Largest 24-Hour Drop of 2019

Bitcoin price

Bitcoin price

Bitcoin price has suffered its second-largest drop in a 24-hour period in 2019. Currently, the price is approximately $9,632 USD per coin, but across the day, its movement has been constant.

The world’s largest cryptocurrency by market value closed yesterday at $9,412.81 on Bitstamp; down 13.25% from its opening price of $10,848. This is the second-largest single-day drop for the coin in 2019. The first was a 13.67% drop that occurred on June 27th.

Bitcoin Price Drop

Speculation for why the drop has occurred is rife. Many are citing the growing calls for regulation of Facebook’s cryptocurrency Libra project along with cryptocurrencies in general as the biggest catalyst.

It’s been noted that Bitcoin has moved in tandem with news regarding Facebook’s Libra. For instance, after the tech giant unveiled its currency on June 18, Bitcoin price rallied from $9,000 to $13,880 USD in the week following.

It stands to reason, then, that the shift in sentiment is directly linked to a US hearing yesterday that attacked Facebook’s project. The hearing pulled no punches; senators called the company “delusional and untrustworthy” and questioned the social media giant on how it was planning to prevent money laundering.

Last week, President Donald Trump also attacked Libra when he took to Twitter to call for banking regulation for Bitcoin and Facebook’s coin. The following day, Bitcoin price began to decline, very possibly in reaction to the US President’s rant on Twitter.

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Because of Facebook’s global presence, the impact its Libra-currency might have on economies everywhere has caused concern. The project has amassed a mix of praise and scrutiny from leaders and financial institutions, amongst others.

But the Libra cryptocurrency has brought to the fore the issue or need for regulation and now, investors are worried that the project will end up fast-tracking regulations for the entire crypto market.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you expect Bitcoin price to decline further?

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Veritaseum CEO in Pretrial Settlement Talks with SEC



Veritaseum founder and CEO Reg Middleton is in talks with the US Securities and Exchange Commission to reach a settlement on claims that the VERI initial coin offering (ICO) misled investors with regard to the token’s potential value.

Veritaseum “Knowingly Misled” Investors

Back in August, the SEC filed an emergency lawsuit against Veritaseum and its founder in order to prevent him from spending $8 million USD raised by the company in an ICO. The SEC alleges that Middleton “knowingly misled” investors about prior business success in order to increase investor demand for VERI tokens and that Veritaseum made manipulative trades to increase the value of VERI tokens. The company raised approximately $14.8 million USD in an ICO held between April 25 and May 27, 2017.

“The parties have been engaged in settlement discussions. In order to permit the parties to devote their resources to settlement, the parties jointly request that the Court set the scheduling conference for no earlier than November 11, 2019. This is the first request for an extension of the scheduling conference,” the SEC said today. Middleton has argued that Veritaseum’s coin is not a security, but rather a form of “pre-paid fee” or “software” in an attempt to circumvent the commission’s regulations.

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Post ICO Manipulation

Middleton had previously falsely claimed that Veritaseum had products ready to go in order to drive interest in the ICO, as well as placing a series of highly suspicious secret trades after the offering, which artificially bumped VERI’s price by 300% in just one day, placing it in the world’s top ten cryptocurrencies at one point. He also allegedly misappropriated $520,000 USD of investors money for personal use.

In 2017, Veritaseum claimed to have lost 36,000, or $8 million USD worth of, VERI tokens in a hack. The tokens were dumped within a few hours, and the funds, the source of the hack, remain a mystery over two years later. The case will go to a pretrial conference on November 11 if no settlement is reached.

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Binance Enters South Korea, Gets Approval for OkCoin



The growth in the cryptocurrency industry has been made possible by the presence of crypto exchanges, and in that regard, Binance has been one of the most influential. In a new development that should come as a major boost to the crypto sphere, the crypto exchange announced that it is all set to launch its operations in South Korea.

Major Details

Binance acquired the Fintech company BxB Inc and is now going to turn it into a global exchange for South Korean customers by way of a cloud platform. This is a significant development for the company as well as for the crypto trading community in South Korea.

The exchange will be crypto to crypto in nature and will provide South Korean customers with the functionalities of Binance that have made it one of the most popular crypto exchanges in the world. The announcement was made by the Chief Executive Officer of the exchange, Changpeng Zhao, through a tweet. He said, “Hello South Korea.” Fiat deposits are going to be restricted at this point, but customers can use a stablecoin developed on Binance Chain to start their trading activities.

Removes 15 Trading Pairs

On March 27, the exchange made another important announcement that could have far-reaching effects on the crypto sphere. The company announced that it is going to remove 15 trading pairs from the platform in order to further improve liquidity and enhance the trading experience for users.

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Binance previously removed 10 trading pairs earlier in March. Exchanges are known to remove certain trading pairs when those pairs prove to be non-liquid. These non-liquid pairs generally involve altcoins that are not as frequently traded.

Are you excited for Binance’s move into the South Korean crypto market?

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