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How Could a Potential Ripple IPO Affect XRP’s Price This Year?



Over the past year or so, XRP is probably one of the few major cryptocurrencies that have not enjoyed any meaningful gains, and much of the blame has been laid at the door of the fintech firm Ripple. The San Francisco-based company owns the highest number of XRP tokens.

Uncertainty in the Crypto Market

Currently, the uncertainty in the crypto market has beaten down the XRP price further. However, it is the possibility of an initial public offering from Ripple that has given rise to a fresh debate among analysts.

Earlier this year, the Chief Executive Officer of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse, stated that there is a possibility that many crypto-based companies are going to have their IPOs. That resulted in a lot of speculation about an IPO from the company itself. Garlinghouse later said that he was merely talking about the possibilities but has not been thinking about an IPO this year.

Allen Scott, who is the head of markets at Cointelegraph, stated that an IPO from the company could prove to be an existential threat to XRP as a token. However, it should be noted that the possibility of an IPO is currently at a speculative stage.

XRP has been beset with a range of troubles in recent times, and in order to tackle that problem, Ripple has launched a portal. The portal is aimed at allowing XRP investors to report malicious activity. The move from the company came after it emerged that XRP-related scams have hit the market.

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In addition to that, reports of fake XRP giveaways, token theft, and other financial crimes have come to the fore as well. Due to the presence of this portal, people can fill in a form that offers an exhaustive list of suspicious activities, which can be reported to the company. Ripple will investigate the matter but is not going to reimburse anyone with XRP tokens.

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Libra Association Sets Up Five Member Oversight Committee



The Libra Association, the non-profit organization overseeing Libra, has established a five-member Technical Steering Committee (TSC) to oversee and coordinate the technical design and development of the Libra network.

The responsibilities of the TSC are to direct the technical roadmap of the Libra network, form working groups to fast track research into specific issues, guide codebase development, and build a healthy and engaged community of developers. The association has said that the establishment of the oversight committee is an important step forward in realizing its vision of a self-governing and independent network.

A statement from The Libra Association yesterday said, “As a project rooted in technological innovation, technical stewardship is a significant component of self-governance for the Libra project. In Q1 2020, the TSC will publish its technical governance framework and associated documents. This will include the process by which the open source community can propose technical changes to the network and a transparent process for evaluating those proposals.”

The five members making up the TSC include Joe Lallouz, CEO and founder of industry-leading blockchain infrastructure Bison Trails; Nick Grossman, a partner at venture capital firm Union Square Ventures; and Diogo Monica, co-founder and President of digital asset custodian Anchorage. They will be joined by the Libra core product lead at Calibra, George Cabrera, who oversaw the technical integration of both Instagram and WhatsApp into Facebook (NASDAQ:FB). Ric Shreeves is the final member, who currently serves as Director of Emerging Technology at Mercy Corps.

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Libra was first announced last June as an effort to bank the unbanked and provide low-fee money transfers across the globe. However, the project was met with heavy resistance from regulators on both sides of the Atlantic, most of whom opposed Facebook’s leading of the project, given the social media giant’s poor record of data breaches and mishandling of user information. Many also viewed Libra as a potential threat to the economic sovereignty of nations. That resistance has led to Libra’s launch date being delayed indefinitely.

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Ripple Launching XRP Third Party Developer Platform



Ripple has announced it is launching a new platform that will allow developers to integrate both fiat and cryptocurrency into any app.

The platform is being developed by Ripple’s Xpring division, the investment branch of the company, and will provide developers access to a range of services such as an Xpring software development kit that allows for the integration of XRP apps in multiple programming languages. Xpring was launched in 2018 with the intention of enabling the Internet of Value, an online ecosystem allowing for the seamless movement of money.

Xpring’s senior vice president Ethan Beard said, “Xpring SDK allows you the developer to use the XRP ledger simply and in any programming language you want. What takes a developer today a 100 lines of code to do a transaction on XRP ledger, using Xpring SDK cuts that down by 80 percent.” Beard said that this platform will function like Amazon’s Web services in that developers can download the code and run it themselves, or go to Xpring and plug into the service.

On top of today’s announcement, Ripple has also unveiled a new partnership with BitPay to enable businesses to accept XRP as payment by the end of the year. BitPay is a leading cryptocurrency payments service that had, until recently, only accepted Bitcoin but in recent weeks has added Ethereum and now Ripple’s XRP. With BitPay onboard, users can now make payments to companies such as Microsoft and AT&T using XRP.

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Last month, Ripple announced that Xpring had acquired payment platform Logos Network to help develop decentralized financial products. The acquisition brings Xpring’s team to 32 with the addition of nine new engineers, a substantial increase from just two team members back in May. Logos Network founder and CEO Michael Zochowski will join Xpring as the Head of DeFi products.

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