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Aura blockchain

Aura Blockchain Ready to be Unveiled

Aura blockchain

Aura blockchain

According to reports, the AURA blockchain—which was first mentioned in March—is ready for unveiling.

AURA is a blockchain-powered platform that allows customers to verify the authenticity of luxury goods.

The team behind its include ConsenSys, LVMH, and Microsoft.

The AURA Blockchain

Owners of luxury brands Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior, LVMH, is key to AURA’s inception. The company is now hoping other luxury competitors will join the blockchain.

ConsenSys is a blockchain software technology company based in Brooklyn, New York. It teamed up with Microsoft to develop the technology that underpins AURA.

Now the group is encouraging other luxury designers to join the consortium saying AURA, is designed to “serve the entire luxury industry with powerful product tracking and tracing services.”

The group’s news release furthered:

“AURA makes it possible for consumers to access the product history and proof of authenticity of luxury goods — from raw materials to the point of sale, all the way to second-hand markets.”

The AURA blockchain works by storing unique information about every product stored on the decentralized ledger. Users can then use a brand’s official app to download a certificate which details the authenticity of the good.

Opera Adds Support for Tron

The AURA blockchain isn’t the only crypto news today.

Internet search engine, Opera, is adding support for Tron’s TRX and TRC-standard tokens in its browser-based crypto wallet.

Once the integration of the TRON blockchain is finished, users of the browser will be able to use those tokens within the browser.

The support from TRON also allows Opera’s 300 million users play Tron games and use its decentralized apps (dApps)—all within the browser.

Tron currently has over 400 dApps built on the Tron blockchain.

Opera launched its native crypto wallet in December of 2018 and already holds support for Ethereum and any ERC-20 standard tokens.

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The web browser said that it has plans to add support for “multiple” blockchains in the coming year.

Do you think the Aura blockchain will help the luxury goods sector? Are you happy for Opera adding Tron support? Let us know your thoughts!

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