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uBUCK Debuts | Hybrid Summit 2019 Welcomes Jon Malach



uBUCK Advisor Jon Malach lights up the stage at Hybrid Summit 2019.

Hong Kong Blockchain Week is underway and on March 7th, Hybrid Summit 2019 made its debut at HKBW. The blockchain-centered educational event held speakers from all over the world, including IOHK Founder and CEO Charles Hoskinson. Among the many presentations made, the uBUCK presentation, in particular, has gained buzz from the event – according to speaker Jon Malach, uBUCK is offering a new and convenient approach to crypto Mastercards and stablecoin wallets.

The Hybrid Summit is an annual event that has been running since 2017. Macau hosted in 2017, Thailand in 2018, and Hong Kong this year. The event is a networking and educational opportunity for investors, enthusiasts, and influencers in fintech and blockchain. Hybrid Summit is a one day event that has a focus on education.

uBUCK at Hybrid Summit 2019

Mr. Malach’s presentation yesterday was centered around stablecoins and the convenience and efficiency of transferring funds to others using digital currency rather than going through the traditional banking system.

uBUCK Advisory Board Member Jon Malach presented at the conference (March 7, 2019).

During his presentation, Malach explained that uBUCK is a cryptocurrency wallet that has fiat capabilities. Users are able to buy uBUCKs using either Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH), effectively converting and “storing” their cryptocurrency in a stable coin that is tied to the US dollar. Other digital currencies ebb and flow in price fluctuations, but by switching your funds to a stablecoin, a user can mitigate risk much more effectively.

How Does uBUCK Work?

uBUCK users buy a prepaid voucher from the uBUCK mobile app. Not only are ETH and BTC accepted, but regular debit and credit purchases are also accepted in the app. Once a voucher is purchased, users can then load the uBUCK Debit MasterCard with their voucher credit. From there, sending or receiving money is as easy as using PayPal.

The physical uBUCK black elite MasterCard can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted, and cash can even be taken out from the card at any ATM.

Aside from those banked that want to spend their digital currency, Malach highlighted that the 1.7 billion adults around the world could use the uBUCK Mastercard and digital currency wallet. Two-thirds of the global unbanked population have access to mobile phones, opening the door to mobile banking services for them. uBUCK could aid this population of people by allowing them to send money to friends or family anywhere in the world with pure convenience.

Interested in finding out more about uBUCK? Click here.

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uBUCK Signs Strategic Alliance Agreement with Deltec Bank & Trust



LiteLink Technologies Inc. (CSE:LLT) (OTC:LLNKF) and its subsidiary uBUCK Technologies announced some exciting news this week that will offer the digital wallet and payment platform a major edge on its competition.

uBUCK announced that it has signed an alliance agreement to form a strategic commercial relationship with Deltec Bank & Trust, a diversified independent financial institution that is based in The Bahamas.

Deltec, which provides a range of private banking expertise, corporate and merchant banking capabilities, digital asset financial services, fund administration, investment management, and insurance solutions to its global clients, will offer uBUCK with a large network of financial service providers located around the world.

“We are very excited to enter into a strategic partnership with Deltec, a highly regarded financial institution with a range of private banking and fiduciary expertise,” said uBUCK CEO James Youn. “This partnership opens up uBUCK to a large network of financial services providers across the globe.”

According to the terms of the agreement, Deltec will provide prepaid debit cards to its existing bank and wealth management clients, integrate and market the uBUCK prepaid card into the Deltec digital wallet and to its regional private bank networks in Asia, Europe, the Caribbean, and South America, and create dedicated white label card programs to their existing digital asset exchange clients.

The Rise of the Prepaid Debit Card Market

Digital wallets and prepaid cards are quickly becoming the norm and totally disrupting traditional banking. In particular, prepaid cards have continued to gain a lot of traction in the US.

In fact, the US prepaid card market could reach a massive $877 billion USD by 2020, fueled by the increasing need for security and convenience, along with the growing unbanked and underbanked population in the nation.

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Currently, 25% of US households are either underbanked or unbanked, meaning they have limited access to banking services that the other 75% take for granted. The main reason so many are without these services is because they either don’t have the funds to keep in an account, have been blacklisted by major banks, don’t trust banks, are too young to open an account, are fed up with hefty fees, or live in rural areas that don’t offer many options.

Regardless of the reason, it’s clear these individuals are in need of some support from the fintech world.

When LiteLink built the uBUCK Pay app, the company had this demographic in mind, and now, thanks to this deal with Deltec, uBUCK can expand its reach and serve an even larger group.

By providing the underbanked with access to a digital wallet and prepaid, reloadable debit cards, the company can offer a fast and easy way for them to pay bills, send money to relatives, make payments, and withdraw funds from an ATM just like the rest of us.

The uBUCK Pay app also offers enticing features like record-breaking transaction speed and, perhaps more importantly, a loyalty and rewards program. And it wouldn’t come as a surprise if LiteLink had more deals coming up after just announcing a non-brokered private placement for up to $4 million USD in gross proceeds.

Once the investment is complete, LiteLink will use the additional capital to further develop the uBUCK app and its capabilities, accelerate growth, and increase its customer acquisitions.

Featured Image: LiteLink Technologies

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uBUCK Technologies Announces Closed Beta Launch for uBUCK Pay

LiteLink Technologies

LiteLink Technologies

VANCOUVER, British Columbia , May 09, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — LiteLink Technologies Inc. (“LiteLink”) (CSE:LLT) (OTC:LLNKF), a leader in logistics, artificial intelligence and digital payments, is very excited to announce that its wholly-owned subsidiary uBUCK Technologies SEZC (“uBUCK Tech”) is launching a closed beta for its uBUCK Pay app in June 2019.

uBUCK Pay is a digital wallet and payments platform that serves as a payment alternative for consumers and merchants, with a focus on serving the unbanked and underbanked community.  Users will be able to transfer uBUCK cash to friends and family around the world without paying any transfer fees.

uBUCK cash is also the world’s first stable token backed by the US dollar built on the Waves blockchain platform.  Waves is the world’s fastest blockchain platform, meaning uBUCK customers will be able to top-up accounts, make payments and send transfers faster than competing digital wallets and payment transfer services.

Major Highlights of uBUCK Pay:

  • Asset-Backed – uBUCK cash is backed by one US dollar from the sale of uBUCK pin vouchers.  The US dollars will be stored in trust to offer security and stability and uBUCK customers can cash out their uBUCK cash at any time back into US dollars.
  • Decentralized App – uBUCK Pay runs on a P2P network of computers rather than a single server or a centralized cluster of servers.  Decentralized apps can speed up money management, transfer and lending by eliminating middlemen and enhance security.
  • No Transfer Fees – Unlike other payment platforms, uBUCK Pay doesn’t charge its customers any fees to transfer funds to friends and family.
  • Record-Breaking Transaction Speed – The Waves network has set a blockchain speed record for maximum transactions per day and processed more transactions in 24 hours than any other open blockchain in existence, meaning uBUCK customers can send and receive funds instantaneously.
  • Highly Secure – uBUCK Pay offers multi-factor authentication, biometric and device verification, SSL encryption and Mastercard SecureCode to ensure the highest level of security.
  • Serving the Unbanked and Underbanked – uBUCK offers a payment alternative for the unbanked and underbanked community.  32.6 million Americans and close to 6 million Canadians fall in this category.  uBUCK Tech is planning on rolling its service out to Southeast Asia, with only 47% of the population having a bank account and in the Philippines where it has 77% of the population unbanked according to a recent survey by BSP.

“The closed beta launch of the uBUCK Pay app will be a major milestone for the company,” said President and CEO of uBUCK Tech James Youn.  “We are extremely proud to be the first ever asset-backed stable token on the record-breaking Waves platform running a digital wallet and payment platform. We expect the closed beta will garner some very positive results and look forward to the feedback and full rollout of uBUCK Pay.”

Interested users looking to participate in the closed beta testing for uBUCK Pay can sign up with their email address at

About LiteLink Technologies Inc.
LiteLink Technologies Inc. is a major player in developing world-class enterprise platforms that utilize artificial intelligence, blockchain, and predictive analytics to solve fragmented and outdated technology problems in the logistics and digital payment industries.  Our flagship 1SHIFT logistics platform offers real-time transparency and tracking which allows brokers, shippers, and carriers to track shipments and settle payments in real-time. uBUCK Pay is a multi-currency digital wallet that supports traditional fiat and digital currencies.  Consumers are able to make online and offline purchases using the uBUCK debit card and send funds worldwide for free.

About uBUCK Technologies SEZC
uBUCK Pay is a worldwide online payments platform and pin voucher solution that serves as a payment alternative for consumers and merchants. uBUCK Pay is a secure and fast method for making payments and transfers and serves as a digital alternative to traditional payment methods like checks, money orders and wire transfers.

For more information about LiteLink Technologies Inc. (CSE:LLT) (OTC:LLNKF), please visit If you would like to know more about the 1SHIFT logistics platform, please visit For details about uBUCK Pay, please visit

For further information, contact Bronson Peever at 833-205-6945 ext. 3742 or

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