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Ripple Startup Launches XRPayments App



It’s no secret Ripple has been looking for more mainstream adoption. And, based on XRPL Labs’ recent announcement, it appears XRP is on its way to achieving just that. News surfaced this week that XRPL Labs, a Ripple-backed startup, has rolled out a new payments app called XRPayments.

Here’s why the app is important.

XRPayments App Available on iOS and Android

The launch of the app makes considerable sense. Not just because Ripple itself is trying to bring more attention to XRP, though. XRPL Labs has also been trying for more use and adoption of the token. And by turning compatible devices into PoS systems, which allows retailers to accept the digital asset in stores, this is sure to bring more attention to XRP.

The app is available on iOS through the App Store. It is also available on Android via the Google Play Store.

Wietse Wind, the co-founder of the Ripple-backed startup, first tweeted the news on April 18, writing: “Our XRPayments app was just accepted by Google and Apple. You can get the app now from the Apple iOS or Google Play store, and start accepting $XRP for payments in your physical store!”

More Good News for Ripple

On top of the launch of XRPayments, Ripple enthusiasts have been met with even more good news. Last week, it was announced that Ripple was included on the Forbes Blockchain 50 list.

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Ripple: Here to Stay?

Some people are always going to remain bearish on the topic of cryptocurrencies. While justified at times, XRP and Ripple have been doing reasonably well in 2019, and the launch of XRPayments indicates there are more good things coming not only to the company but the crypto community as well.

What do you think, though? Do you think XRPayments will change the game for retail owners? Let us know in the comments below.

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